Address: Shanghai Fengxian District Nanqiao town billion Pine Road No. 555
        Postal Code: 201401
        Tel: 86-021-67159999
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               Shanghai Apollo Machinery Co. Ltd (APOLLO), founded in Shanghai in 2001, is a high-tech and fast growing enterprise, with a manufacturing area of 65 acres and a registered capital of 145 million RMB (22.3 million USD). APOLLO owns a design license for Civilian Nuclear Safety Equipment (Nuclear grade 2 and 3), manufacturing license for Civilian Nuclear Safety Equipment (Nuclear Grade 2, 3), Radiation Safety Permit, ISO 9001 CertificateASME Certificate (U,U2) and RCC-M Certificate.
            Since 2006, APOLLO has supplied pumps to China nuclear power plants backed by our expertise of nuclear power culture in design, material procurement management, manufacturing and inspection, delivery, installation & commission. Now you can find APOLLO pumps and equipment in every nuclear power plant operated or being built in China. Our products include sea water circulating pumps, Auxiliary steam turbine-driven feed water pumps and more, a total of 25 types of key equipment. We also cooperates with Chinese nuclear power plant owners to provide R&D for new products for new generation nuclear power plants, includes the HL-1 reactor, CAP1000 and CAP1400 reactors, high temperature gas cooling reactors, and various small modular reactors.